Kenney Assets - All you need game assets

Kenny Assets

A website that contains the biggest high-quality collection of CC0 Assets created by the Legendary Kenny. You can find all kinds of 2D/3D sprites, audio, and tools to generate sprites.

DOTWEEN asset - Animated everything with one line

DOTween (HOTween v2)

DOTween is a Free asset tool that lets you animate anything in unity. You can animate game objects and UI using a simple line of code. It's Lightweight and performant. Once you get used to it, you won't be able to create a new project without it.

Lean GUI Free animated UI for unity

Lean GUI

Lean GUI is an all-in-one UI tool for unity. You can find ready-made prefabs examples in multiple demo scenes. You can find beautifully animated buttons, Toggles, Switches, Selectors, Modals, and many more.

Lean Touch - Add touch controls for unity games

Lean Touch

The perfect asset to add any touch control for your game. No code is required! Simply pick the components you want, customize the settings, and enjoy consistent controls across Android, iOS, and Desktop!

Cartoon FX Free - Multiple free particle system effects

Cartoon FX Free

The best free asset to get animated particle effects. Many animations of explosions, pickup effects, and environmental effects are available for 2D and 3D projects.

Lean GUI Free animated UI for unity

Joystick Pack

If your game requires a joystick, then this is a must-have asset for your unity project. The most simple and easy-to-use asset with a perfect demo example.

In game console for unity

In-game Debug Console

A must-have asset for debugging! You can view your debug.log, warnings, and errors when you build your game to mobile or desktop. Useful to detect platform-related errors.

Shape2D - create unique sprites directly in unity

Shapes2D - Procedural sprites and UI

Create all kinds of high-quality sprites in unity using this asset. You can customize every aspect of sprite and use it directly in the game or export it to an image.

Simple Android Notifications Free

Simple Android Notifications Free

Display native android notifications with ease using this simple asset. You can customize some aspects of the notification and set the time to display it. Useful for daily rewards reminders.


Carrd Image


A simple, easy-to-use, and beautiful website builder that has a lot of ready-made templates. This is the best free way to showcase your projects without paying a monthly subscription for hosting and domain.


Bio Link

A linktree alternative that offers all of its services for free and you can even hide the ad banner below.



Another linktree alternative, it has a lot of more features. You can monetize and sell anything with this website.

Privacy Policy Generartor Free

App Privacy Policy Generator

Generate a privacy policy and terms & conditions for your android and/or iPhone app/game for FREE.

Shape2D - create unique sprites directly in unity

Adaptive Icon Tester

Test your android adaptive icon by uploading your foreground and background.

Improve ASO

App Radar

Improve your games ASO using this website. You can add 2 apps for free!

Simple Android Notifications Free


Analyze your app's market position and learn about your users with our free analytics. We turn the data from your app into valuable insights so that you can optimize your user acquisition and retention rate.

yodo1 mas


Monetize your game with yodo ads. The most easiest ad platform to integrate.

Simple Android Notifications Free


The go-to website to create a color pallet for your game. You can create a color pallet from scratch or explore beautifully created pallets and modify them as you please.

Unity Recorder

Unity Recorder

The Unity Recorder is an Editor-only tool that allows you to record images or videos of your project. It can be used to create specific aspect ratio screenshots.

Interface In games

Interface In Game

Explore a collection of video games interfaces, screenshots, and clips. Take a look at all the fragments that make up a video game, and find inspiration for your designs.

Free app ads txt

Apps Ads txt

Host APP-ADS.TXT for free using this website and prevent revenue loss. If you can't afford a website, hosting subscription, and domain subscription and you want to monetize your games then this website is for you.


Publish to the app store

This video explains how to publish your IOS game on the Apple App Store. Note: to publish on the App Store you need a MAC to build the app/game, an iPhone to Test your build, and an Apple developer account (Cost 99$/year).

Publish to the google play store

This video explains how to publish your android game on the google play store. Note: You need a google developer account that cost 25$.

Make a installer exe for your unity game

This video explains how to create an exe windows installer for your unity game